Bodega Sierra Norte 1564 Orange Wine 2020


If you are unfamiliar with the term “Orange Wine” you may think these wines are made from oranges. It is true, that in some rare cases orange wines have orange peels added to flavour them, but that is not the reason why it has that name, it’s because of the colour. Orange wines are actually white wines, but their colour has a light orange hue because the wine making process is the same as making a red wine.

The difference in the wine making between a white and a red is the contact of the wine with the grape skin. The colour is extracted from the skin, the grape juice is always a light-yellow colour, whether its from a red or white grape. When making a white, you remove that skin as soon as the juice (must) is extracted.

However, if we are making an orange wine, you leave the skins in the must. No matter how long it is left it will never reach the colour of a red wine as you are working with white grape skins, and their ability to provide colour is minimal. However, the colour of the white wine will evolve and amber tones will be generated, becoming an ‘orange wine’.

Fresh acid fruit aromas and citric notes, pink grapefruit and stewed apple is very prevalent. On the palate the wine is light and smooth something that at the same time contrasts with the presence of the tannins and the powerful but balanced acidity. Rich, full-bodied, fresh and with a citric and vegetal character obtained from the contact with the skins. Long aftertaste.

Spain, Tierra de Castilla 11%
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Seafood, Salad, Vegetarian 75cl


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