Chateau Labastide Haut 2021


With the rise of Argentinian Malbec wines, it is easy to forget that this red wine variety has ancient roots in quality French winemaking. Chateau Labastide Haute is the perfect reminder of that heritage, located in the Lot Valley in the Occitane region of France.

Philippe Bernède and his son Sebastien are entwined in this tradition, watching over one of the region’s oldest Domaine that was founded by their ancestors before the French Revolution. The vineyards lie on the gentle slopes and terraces rising up from the river Lot, which meanders gently through the valley floor almost encircling the old town of Cahors.

The blend of Labastide Haut is 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot, creating an intense wine that has elegant rusticity with everyday drinkability. Labastide Haut has great ageing potential and can be keep for up to 10 years.

Mixed dark berries, raspberry fruit mixed with an earthiness and pepper. Firm tannins that give this wine a tremendous amount flavour concentration and refined personality. A wine for French wine lovers and Malbec-lovers alike.

France, Cahors 13.5%
Cork In the next 4 years
Chicken, Game, Red Meat 75cl
Malbec, Merlot


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