Setzer Ausstich Weinviertel 2023



The Setzer family have been working the lands in  Hohenwarth since 1705. In the beginning it was heavily influenced by agriculture and livestock breeding, with some small vineyards. In 2001 the farm was leased and the Setzer family focused 100% on the vineyards and winery.

The name Hohenwarth comes from “Hohe Warte” and refers to the Romanesque fortified church from the 11th century at 400 m above sea level. Hohenwarth in the Weinviertel is significantly higher than the neighbouring areas of Kamptal and Wagram and has a very special microclimate for its vines. All the vineyards, are located within a two-kilometer radius of the cellar in Hohenwarth and therefore have the same basic climate, which is reinforced by special individual locations. Despite very little rainfall, there is no irrigation, which is why the vines have particularly deep roots to avoid water shortages even during longer dry periods.

A typical Weinviertel DAC, a peppery and fruity Grüner Veltliner with moderate alcohol for great enjoyment. Ausstich means “stands out”, generations ago only the better wine from casks was bottled, hence the name and why it was bottled because of the fruity, special taste.

Austria, Weinviertel 12.0%
Screw cap In the next three years
Asian, Fish, Cheese, Salad 75cl
Grüner Veltliner



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