Villa Erbice Recioto della Valpolicello 2016


It was back in 1870 when grandpa Narciso Erbice began to make wines in a historical Venetian villa which dates back to the 17th century. Brothers Silvio and Alberto Erbice are the current custodians of the family vineyards and winery.

The Tremenel Amarone is make from the family vineyard using traditional sustainable farming, furthermore all the steps in the production of the wine is carried out by hand. Silvio is passionate about minimum intervention in the vineyard where only natural products are used, he strongly believes that artificial input disrupts the natural balance of the plants, the quality of the fruit and ultimately the finesse of the wine. Villa Erbice wines embody the spirit of the region and Silvio’s and Alberto’s passion and personalities.


Extraordinarily powerful, both in terms of its aroma and taste.  It is obtained after having dried the grapes for a long period of time, then after slow fermentation and almost endless aging in barrels. The result is a red dessert wine with the wonderful fragrance of ripe red fruit, rich black cherries, sweet and endlessly lingering on the palate.Â

Italy, Veneto 13.5%
Cork In the next twelve years
Cheese – Desserts 50cl



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