Wine Saver Black | 1 Stopper



The Original Wine Saver preserves your open bottle of wine under vacuum, making it last up to 10 days. The set contains a Wine Saver and one Wine Stopper.



The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a household staple since ’86. The Wine Saver creates a vacuum to prevent your opened bottle of wine from oxidising, making it last up to 10 days.

Insert the universal Vacuum Bottle Stopper in your favourite bottle of wine and pump until your hear the patented “Click”. This signals that you have reached the optimum vacuum level, and have created an airtight seal. Your bottle is ready to be stored upright.

The highly durable Wine Saver is made for prolonged use and encourages you to enjoy wine more consciously.

  • Preserves wine up to ten days
  • Included with 1 Vacuum Wine Stoppers
  • The Wine Stopper is dishwasher friendly
  • The Wine Saver is suitable for all non-sparkling wines
  • The design is highly durable and suitable for prolonged use
  • Made in our social production facility in the Netherlands

We offer a number of customisation options for our Wine Savers. Contact us here for more information and the terms & conditions.

Product description Wine Saver Black (1 Pump, 1 Stopper), Blister
Art. Code 0854460
EAN Code 8714793 085442
UPC Code 084256 085448

Units per outer carton 6
EAN outer carton 8714793 000025
UPC outer carton 084256 000021

Gross weight carton 0,66 kg | 1,46 lbs
Dimensions carton 29 x 13 x 14,4 cm | 11,4 x 5,1 x 5,7 Inch
Netto weight unit 110 gram | 0,24 lbs
Dimensions unit 13,1 x 22,3 x 3,9 cm | 5,2 x 8,8 x 1,5 Inch

Country of origin The Netherlands
Commodity code 84141089

Cartons/ Euro pallet 325
Cartons/ Block pallet 465


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