Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 30 2020


Vincent Paris is a quiet, gets on with his work type of individual, however his wines are quickly becoming iconic in the region and around the world.  He started making wines back in the 90’s and his first two vintages were made with his uncle the legendary wine maker Robert Michel, after these two years he decided to strike out on his own and leased some plots on the Cornas slopes and inherited some from his grandfather, his first vintages from 1997 were made in a small garage before moving to his new facility in 2001, where he still operates. In 2006 his uncle retired, and his vineyards were put up for sale, as expected a fierce bidding war ensued for the renowned old vines, primarily from the valley’s greatest producers, but as the advert goes “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there is Mastercard”.

His uncle passed up on a small fortune and agreed a much-discounted price with Vincent. In a world where Banks, Insurance companies and Chinese conglomerates are gobbling up vineyards its refreshing to see that heritage and tradition are still strong values for winemaking families. The Granit 30 is made from vines on a 30% gradient, hence the name. 

Juicy blackberry fruit, black cherry and minerality with a beautifully long and appetising finish. The 100% Syrah is polished and peppery with hugely intense dark berry fruit. Whilst it’s quite a restrained style of Cornas, that peppery spice makes it the perfect seasoning for any big red meat dish or slow-cooked stew.  

France, Rhone Valley 14%
Cork In the next three years
Red Meat – Stews 75cl


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